We care and share because "knowledge is power!"

By sharing the Harmony Approach we hope to heighten the ecological awareness in people so that together we can pursue a Sustainable Future for all.

“We stand at an historic moment. We face a future where there is a real prospect that if we fail the Earth, we fail humanity.

To avoid such an outcome, which will comprehensively destroy our children’s future or even our own, we must make choices now that carry monumental implications.

It is beholden upon each and every one of us to help redress the balance that has been so shaken by re-founding our outlook in a firmer set of values that are framed by a clearer, spiritually intact philosophy of life.

Only then can we hope to establish a far more sustainable economic system; only then can we live by more rooted values; and only then might we tread more lightly upon this Earth, the miracle of creation that it is our privilege to call ‘home’.” King Charles III (2010:325, Harmony, A new Way of Seeing Our World) 

Our HARMONY LESSONS include essential values and compentencies to enable reflection and action.


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